Cloud-Like Comfort. Effortless Elegance. Made-To-Measure Just For You.

Here's What I Want for You:

You spend 5 seconds or less deciding what to wear.

People stop in the street to nod at you with approval (...and a touch of envy).
But you forget that there’s anything special about what you’re wearing! Because it feels like you're just wearing clouds. 

You feel confident and at ease.
(And all your clothes are machine washable.)

I make clothes that make this real.

2018_Tops__9 of 16.jpeg

This is for you if...

  • You’re tired of the "not-quite-right"  fit of mass-produced clothing

  • You have a minimalist, creative, or just highly individualistic personal style 

  • If you have unique clothing needs related to your profession*

  • You want to look put-together without working too hard at it, or sacrificing your pleasure

  • You already know you don't need celebrity approval to wear what you want

  • You want to up-level your personal style

  • You're ready for the peace of mind that comes from leaving environmentally destructive fast fashion behind

Let's make something just for you. 



Working with you was a revelation that clothes could ACTUALLY fit perfectly... without compromise.

Thank you for being so incredible to work with.


It’s a real way to celebrate and value my body after having a baby.

Instead of hiding, I’m really caring for my body by getting something that fits.


I have a much better sense of why my wardrobe is so mixed up these days...

I think I actually know what I like now. This process is already so helpful!

Custom Clothing. Created To Be Your Go-To For Everyday Confidence.

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100% Plastic-Free
Made in Illinois