Raff Co. Clothing is an independent clothing design & manufacturing company based in central Illinois.​​

Vision & Values

Raff Co. is here to make the process of getting dressed easy for people who aren’t well served by mass-produced clothing.

Some operating principles:


  1. Beauty and Function are equally important.

  2. Cooperation with the planet is necessary.

  3. All bodies deserve to be clothed in accordance with their values, inclusively and without judgement.

Detail of organic cotton and linen fabrics, rolled and viewed end-on. Colors include white, blue, grey, and a red-blue-yellow print.

All Raff Co. Clothing products are:

  • 100% Plastic-Free

  • 100% Natural and Sustainable Fibers

  • 100% Handcrafted in the USA



You probably know that sustainability is a habit, not a “thing” you can buy. High quality-clothing promotes sustainable habits, like properly caring for your clothes, wearing them over and over again, and enjoying them more. 



You’ll go farther—and do more good in the world—if you feel good. Joy is part of the sustainability equation.



I use only natural fibers for clothing, down to the thread and fasteners. Elastic and zippers tend to be petrochemical-intensive, and I avoid them in my designs.


Conventional cotton farming stands out as one of the most chemical-intensive and destructive farmed products in the world. I stock GOTS-Certified Organic cotton only.



I ship with recycled paper products as much as possible. At my next restock, shipping will be 100% plastic-free. 

Material Sources

(updated 3/2021)

Fabrics & Thread:

Cloud9 Fabrics – GOTS-Certified Organic Cottons

Organic Cotton Plus – Curated traceable natural fiber cloth & sewing supplies

Various sources for fine natural flax Linen



Woondbuttons.com – Machine washable wood and corozo nut buttons, made in the USA by veterans.

Etsy – Various independent supply retailers


Packaging, wrapping, & Paper:


French Paper



USPS – Fast & reliable


I'm Allegra, the founder of Raff Co. Clothing.


I design and sew all garments in my Champaign, IL studio. (I pack and ship the orders, take the pictures, and answer your emails, too.)

If you enroll in a Custom Project, you'll be working closely with me. This program is an awesome chance to (re)discover wardrobe joy,  and includes tons of personal attention. The Custom Program is now open for new clients—check it out!

Some details about me

I don't discriminate based on size, shape, gender, orientation, race, or any other aspect identity. All people are welcome.

I’m a mom of two young daughters. I empathize with professional-ing while parent-ing.

I have a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design from SVA, but I always prefer stepping away from the screen to make things with my hands.

I love to be of service. Before starting my own business, I've nurtured positive personal growth in the fields of adaptive education, marketing research, and dentistry.

I have 30+ years of experience in sewing and pattern drafting. Yes, I’m including my childhood—those years were 100% important to my inquisitive, solve-anything approach to sewing.

I believe good style comes from within, and I'm just here to help you nurture it. 


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