My mom once said, 


“When you start caring about your clothes, you won’t be able to DO anything. You’ll be too worried about messing them up.”


Totally deflated! I was on my way out the door to school, in an outfit I’d spent hours concocting, and that was not what I wanted to hear.


Looking back, I think I see why she worried: Some style authorities preach that you only look “good” if you’re wearing some version of a pressed suit-dress and heels—a.k.a. clothing that functions best when holding still, and needs to be replaced as soon as it shows signs of wear. She hoped I wouldn’t make that sacrifice.


Not caring about my clothes was never an option for me. But neither was holding still… and I couldn’t care less about fashion “rules.” 


I want clothes that look as good as they feel, feel as good as they look, and for both of those things to be FANTASTIC. And totally “me.”


...And for my clothes to last through many, many wears. 


Because tossing your wardrobe every season isn’t luxurious or stylish; it’s just foolish.


Since each garment I design and sew has a “home” before I even cut the cloth, I’ll never create as much clothing—or as much waste—as a factory does. But even on my scale, using any plastic-based fabrics is too much. I’m 100% committed to only using material that comes from nature, and that will easily return to nature when we’re done with it. 


Lucky us! High-quality linen and organic cotton also feels fresh and luxurious, looks better for longer, and pairs with other fibers more easily than synthetics. Which makes getting dressed well, easy. 


I’ve always known I want to dress beautifully—while DOING all the things that make me who I am.


I make made-to-measure clothing for DOING THINGS. Gardening, working, parenting, living. Even for people who care about their clothes. Like you.



I'm Allegra, the founder of Raff Co. Clothing.


I design and sew all garments in my Champaign, IL studio. (I pack and ship the orders, take the pictures, and answer your emails, too.)

If you enroll in a Custom Project, you'll be working closely with me. This program is an awesome chance to (re)discover wardrobe joy,  and includes tons of personal attention. The Custom Program is now open for new clients—check it out!

Some details about me

I don't discriminate based on size, shape, gender, orientation, race, or any other aspect identity. All people are welcome.

I’m a mom of two young daughters. I empathize with professional-ing while parent-ing.

I have a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design from SVA, but I always prefer stepping away from the screen to make things with my hands.

I love to be of service. Before starting my own business, I've nurtured positive personal growth in the fields of adaptive education, marketing research, and dentistry.

I have 30+ years of experience in sewing and pattern drafting. Yes, I’m including my childhood—those years were 100% important to my inquisitive, solve-anything approach to sewing.

I believe good style comes from within, and I'm just here to help you nurture it.