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Custom Project 

case Study

Abbie would buy clothes from Old Navy and cut the armholes to make them fit. Resourceful and creative, she didn’t balk at making her own changes and adding a few stitches to secure them. But running a business and raising a toddler are both full time jobs already, so her modifications were hasty, and looked it. 


Then she bought an expensive piece from a company specializing in her size—finally, an investment to align her style with her self-respect. It was beautiful, but didn’t hang quite right on her body or hug the curves she was most proud of. So it stayed hanging in her closet instead of being worn.


“The turning point was that I saved up and bought some higher end pieces and… they still didn’t fit perfectly,” she said. Abbie decided to try a Custom Project. Here’s what she said about her experience:

Smiling plus size woman standing in a naturalized field, with her hands in her oversized decorative tunicpockets

"Working with you was a revelation that clothes could ACTUALLY fit perfectly... without compromise.


"Thank you for being so incredible to work with."

– Abbie, client

Every Project is a little different, but here are some details from hers. 

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