How does it work?

Clothes should be both functional and beautiful. 


  • Functionality respects the wearer’s unique needs

  • Beauty reflects the wearer’s values and what she loves about herself


You can have both with custom designed and handmade-to-measure clothing, just for you.

Your clothing challenges don't define your beauty.

Phase 1: Discovery (Exercises, Photos)

  1. As soon as you sign up, you’ll get the Interview and the Wardrobe Discovery worksheets. Instructions for how to fill them out are included. These help me understand your style needs in depth. 

  2. An optional phone or video chat is encouraged, but not required. 

  3. You’ll get directions to take 4 photo views of your silhouette wearing work-out clothes or something else close fitting. (You can use your phone for this.)

  4. The photos will be the basis for your Personal Croquis—a drawing of you, scaled to your actual body, to model theoretical clothing designs. 


Phase 2: Design (Sketches & Approvals, Measurements, Fabric Consultation)

  1. Using what I’ve learned from the exercises you’ve completed (and conversation, if you choose), I’ll make 3 proposal sketches for each garment we’re going to make for you.

  2. If needed, I’ll do another round of sketches for you. Once you sign off, we can move to the next step.

  3. Once we’ve settled on the design(s), I’ll guide you through taking your measurements. 

  4. Then we can choose the ideal fabric for your design(s). Based on your needs, your preferences, and the garment design, I’ll make recommendations from my stock of versatile natural materials.

  5. Using your measurements, I’ll draft a pattern with the silhouette and fit we agreed on. 


Phase 3: Fitting (Try-on, Your Fit Checklist, Make Adjustments)

  1. I’ll cut and “quick sew” the first make of your design from your choice of stocked organic Cotton, and send it to you to try on, along with a fit checklist. The seams are unfinished so we can make changes where needed. (Note: if your project includes more than one garment, we’ll likely do one at a time.)

  2. You can take as much time as you like to try on your garment and complete the checklist. It may be perfect (though unfinished), or it may need some adjustments. Let’s make sure your garment is something you want to wear every day! 


Phase 4: Finishing (Secure seams, Receive your Garment)

  1. When you send your “quick sewn” garment back to me, I’ll make any fitting adjustments needed. 

  2. If need be, we can revisit some of the steps in Phase 2-3 to make sure you’re happy.

  3. Once we’re sure your garment is comfortable and looks good, I’ll finish the garment with durable, beautiful seams and send it to you.

  4. Your finished design is in your hands, ready to wear! 


Phase 5: Variations (for Project Options 2 & 3 only) 

  1. If your project includes an additional Variations from the same design, we’ll start it after Phases 1-4. I urge you to take some time to live in your first “make,” to give you some perspective on what kinds of variations will be most satisfying. 

  2. We'll revisit the design phase: I’ll send you new sketches on your Personal Croquis featuring the variations you most want.

  3. Then, we’ll repeat phases 3-4 (with fittings optional), for each Variation.

Smiling plus size woman standing in a naturalized field, with her hands in her oversized decorative tunicpockets

"Working with you was a revelation that clothes could ACTUALLY fit perfectly... without compromise.


Thank you for being so incredible to work with."

– Abbie, client

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A free person tells her own story.
A valued person lives in a society in which her story has a place.
-Rebecca Solnit
Custom Project: Basic

Custom Project: Basic

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Custom Project: Wardrobe Starter

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Custom Project: Mini Collection






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