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How it Works

This Program gives you tangible things—clothes you can wear—and intangible things: support, guidance, and a path to new levels of clothing confidence.

Your clothing needs—just like the personal aspirations, family demands, frustrations, work requirements, and die-hard day dreams that are all your own—are unique. This is where custom clothing comes in.

Clothing should be both functional and beautiful.

The first step is free.
Answer 10 questions to introduce yourself.

Here's what happens after that:


(Phase 1)


(Phase 2)


(Phase 3)


(Phase 4)

1. Discovery

Questions & Photos

  • Your first step is to complete the Interview and the Wardrobe Discovery questionnaires. These help me understand exactly what you need, and how best to get there. 

  • An optional phone or video chat is encouraged to make the process more personable—but not required. 

  • You’ll get easy directions to take 4 photo views of your silhouette. (You can use your phone for this.)

  • The photos will be the basis for your Personal Croquis—a drawing of you, scaled to your actual body, to model your clothing designs. 


2. Design

Sketches, Measurements, & Fabric Consultation

  • Using your answers to the questionnaires and your Personal Croquis, I’ll make 3 proposal sketches for each garment we’re going to make for you.

  • Once you choose a design that excites you, we can move to the next step.

  • I’ll guide you through taking your measurements. 

  • You'll choose a color for your design(s). The first "make" of all designs will be from one of the Organic Cotton fabrics I stock.

  • Using your measurements, I’ll draft a sewing pattern with the silhouette and fit we agreed on. 


3. Fitting

Try-on, Fit Checklist, & Adjustments

  • I’ll cut and “quick sew” your design from your choice of Organic Cotton, and send it to you to try, along with a Fit Checklist. "Quick sewing" means the seams are unfinished so we can make changes where needed. (Note: if your project includes more than one garment, we’ll do one at a time.)

  • Take your time to try on your garment and complete the Fit Checklist. It may be perfect (though unfinished), or it may need adjustments. Let’s make sure it's something you want to wear every day! 


4. Finishing

Finalize Seams & Receive Your Garment

  • When you send your “quick sewn” garment back to me, I’ll make any fitting adjustments needed. 

  • We can revisit some of the steps in Phase 2-3 to make sure you’re happy, if needed.

  • Once we’re sure your garment is comfortable and looks good, I’ll finish the garment with durable, beautiful seams and send it to you.

  • Your finished design is in your hands, ready to wear! 

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4

I specialize in easy-care, everyday woven clothing—designed to make living easier.​


All projects come with the option to buy garments made from your pattern(s) in the future, and a forever-discount on starting New Projects. 

A free person tells her own story.
A valued person lives in a society in which her story has a place.
-Rebecca Solnit
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