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A custom garment is a commitment. I tried to think of questions you might have and answer them here.

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    Isn't Custom Clothing for fancy people?

    Most of the clothing I design could be described as “elevated casual,” and will work in a lot of different settings. I design every-day clothing meant for living in.


    Your personal needs analysis will determine what, exactly, I design for you—so that it’s appropriate to your lifestyle and taste.

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    I’ve tried style quizzes and color analysis before, and I still run into problems. How is this different?

    Your personalized plan is drawn entirely from your own needs and preferences, and optimized to remove your unique frustrations and decision-making burdens. I don’t rely on any arbitrary style “rules.”

    I do incorporate evidence-based conclusions from psychology and behavioral science research.

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    Can I afford it?

    Only you can answer this, but consider: American women often spend between $2-4k on clothes in a year, on average. But that includes a lot of duds. 3 in 5 women still routinely feel like they don’t have anything they can wear. Impulse buying accounts for the most money we regret spending on clothes.


    This service is pretty much the opposite of impulse buying, and it includes 10-20 hours of work focused on you—making something awesome just for you.


    It’s less expensive in the long run to buy well made things you’re guaranteed to want to wear.

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    I don’t have a clear idea of what I want you to make for me.

    That’s ok, that’s what the discovery process is for.

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    I never know what I want until I see it.

    The discovery process will help with this. You’ll also get to view personalized sketches before you decide—scaled to your real body proportions.


    Visit my Gallery to see previous Raff Co. designs for ideas, or spend some time on Pinterest making an inspiration board, if that’s something you enjoy.

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    My style, size, or needs are too unconventional.

    This service is for creative professionals, busy parents, entrepreneurs. It’s for people who play a lot of different roles, and don’t fit easily into one box.


    The discovery process will identify pain points you’ve had with dressing before, whatever they are.


    We’ll start from scratch with your measurements and requirements.


    And it’s a fully human service: no AI’s or algorithms are guessing about your proportions or choosing styles for you.

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    I don't know how to take my measurements.

    I have a visual guide, written instructions, and I’m even here to walk you through it if that’s what you need.

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    I live far away.

    This service is done by email, web portal, and USPS mail. Right now, the only location requirement is that you live in the continental US (to facilitate back-and-forth shipping).

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    Do I have time for this?

    It’s true that this takes longer than impulse buying. But the positive results will last longer, too. This process can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 4 months, depending on your level of engagement and urgency. During that time, you'll have action steps to move the process forward likely around half an hour each.


    You’ll have a level of involvement and control that’s probably unfamiliar to you in clothes shopping… and there’s a good chance you’ll find it empowering.


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