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Hi, I’m Allegra. Curious about starting your own Custom Project with me?

If you're eager to wear clothes that are:

+ environmentally responsible,

+ make getting dressed a breeze,

+ that spring you from trend-cycle captivity forever, and

+ that look and feel amazing,


You're in the right place.


You can read ALL about How it Works here. The four most important things you need to know RIGHT NOW are:

  1. I can design any category of garment for you—pants, dresses, robes, hybrid concoctions—based on your needs. Hooray! The only “limits” are that my design for you will be intentional, functional, and beautiful. No random bits.

  2. I ONLY use woven fabric types. These sometimes have “stretch,” but not as much as knits. Comfort and fit are built into your garment’s design.

  3. Your designs will be based on YOU, not external ideals. The garments I make are beautiful enough to wear in formal situations, but not as structurally rigid as traditional Formal Wear… and are incalculably more singular.

  4. I use only natural fiber cloth and avoid plastic-containing details (like elastic) as much as possible.


Fill out this Quickie Interview.


These questions are two sticks you can rub together on your way to igniting a full-on bonfire of wardrobe satisfaction. 


If you seem like a good fit for the program, I’ll send you a personal action plan of what I can help you with (or be in touch for more information). 

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Most people who fill out this form aren't just killing time. 

if you’ve already collected some imagery you’re pumped about, you can share a Pinterest Board, a Google doc, or your Instagram to


This is optional, but it will help both of us clarify where you’re coming from aesthetically—so you get the most out of the proposal I send you.

Talk to you soon,

xo Allegra

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