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All dressed up and nowhere to go.

What even is “luxurious” clothing? 

Is it the use of a material too temperamental for “normal” wear? An (ecstatically) impractical design? Price? The brand’s reputation?

Fashion media frames all of these things as “luxury” at times, though when you apply hoary toddler-style scrutiny to any of them (Why? Why? But why?) they’re hard to justify. 

Especially if, like me, you define luxury by the delicious feeling that interacting with it inspires.

There's a specific set of things that elicit the delicious feeling of luxury, I promise:

  • Quality crafting—the kind of construction details and seams that someone obviously thought through with pleasure in mind, not just bottom line… and then took the care to execute accordingly.

  • Thoughtful design—which is kind of ‘ditto’ the entry above, except it applies to the concept and proportions and functions of the garment.

  • And the relief and gratitude you feel—for me, it’s palpable!—when you know that the people involved in creating the item weren’t subjugated and stripped of their humanity to create it for you. The opposite! It was made with love, curiosity, creativity, and dedication. (Hallmarks of the very best human endeavors.) Ideally, in conditions of fair compensation. 

These are things you should be able to enjoy, and take pride in, every day. 

In fact, if you’re saving your best clothes for special occasions, you’re doing it backwards. 

Your life is right now.

Your “best” clothes—the most beautiful, the best quality; the ones that feel good on and make you proud—these should be the clothes you’re wearing most days.

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