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Sleepy mid-June round up

One of our premier local culture publications invited me talk with them recently about my new shop in downtown Champaign, Mother Ghost, my theories of slow/handcrafted fashion, and my (initial!) lack of enthusiasm for central Illinois. They kindly removed all the parts where I asked, “Am I rambling too much?” or said “This is kind of a tangent…” from the final edit.

You can find that Smile Politely interview here.

Most fashion houses plan their seasonal clothes well in advance, but I like to go where the spirit moves me, baby. Here are some summer styles fresh in the mix now, as in, I’m developing variations probably as you read this email! Tell me what you like!

  • Corinth Calling (™) dress

  • Dive Bar to Office and Back Again (™) tank

If you’re local, drop by and try them on!


More pics soon to come online, as well as DEMI CUSTOM listings, in case you don't happen to be this exact size. 


As always, I developed these designs to move with you seamlessly through your day to evening activities.


Just like the fashion mags like to say, you can wear these:

  • From working the open floor-plan of your publishing house or architecture agency or wherever you work, to porking out at the buffet of your friend’s nephew’s wedding. 

  • From wrangling contracts, to hanging out over vermouth spritzers.

  • From gardening your little gem lettuces, to pardoning other parents at the PTA meeting for their erroneous ways.

These pieces won’t go out of style in our lifetimes, so you know you’ll want to wear them again for many summers and through many transitions.





*Sorry, don't remember where I read this. Maybe WaPo?

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