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Custom clothing empowers you to resist influences that make you feel bad about how you look, desperate to buy new clothes to fix it, or afraid to go shopping for fear of falling into the same old traps.


This project includes: 

  • style consultation,
  • sketches,
  • measurements,
  • personal pattern drafting,
  • fabric guidance,
  • fitting with a basted try-on,
  • and adjustments


for THREE distinct pieces.


I'll work with you to design pieces that elevate your existing wardrobe or complement each other as the the basis of a capsule wardrobe. (Or both.)



  • At the end of this project, I’ll send you an invitation with pricing to purchase your personal designs, fully finished with couture seams and closures.

    You can access this link in the future, whenever you like, to purchase more garments from the same patterns. 


    Pricing depends on design features and material choice.

    Using material I have in stock, 

    • Shirt designs typically range 90-180 to make
    • Skirt designs typically range 90-180 to make
    • Dress designs typically range 125-325 to make
    • Pants designs typically range 175-325 to make
    • Other styles TBD
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