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Boat Neck Simple Shirt, Organic Cotton colors

A basic shirt for people who might wear a t-shirt, but actually want something better than a t-shirt. 

Boat (wide, shallow) neckline.


Choose a curved hem or straight hem.


When specifying the desired length of hem, measure to where you'd like the LONGEST POINT of the FRONT to fall. 


    Designed and handmade in-house at Raff Co. Clothing in Illinois.

    • Made to order.
    • Made to measure.

    Boat Neck Simple Shirt, Organic Cotton colors

    • After placing your order, please email your measurements to:

      There's a measurement diagram in the Product Images for your reference.


      A) FULL BUST

      Wrap the tape straight across your back, and around the fullest part of your bust. 



      ("Apex" is the furthest point of your bust, often at the nipple.) Hold the tape at the top of your shoulder, near the base of your neck, and measure straight down to the fullest part of your bust.



      Bend sideways to find where your body creases. This is your natural waist. Measure around this part. (It may or may not be the narrowest point.)


      D) HIGH HIP

      Feel for the top of your hip bone and measure around your body at this point.



      Starting again at the top center of your shoulder, measure straight down to the High Hip (from previous measurement.) Don't worry if the curves of your body push the tape outward; these are included in the measurement.



      Wrap the tape around your bicep, high on your upper arm. You ripped? Flex a little.

    • Currently available in all colors and materials listed in the Fabric Gallery.

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