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Fully Custom Pieces

Clothing is an extension of ourselves. A highly personalized tool for showing what you want to show, and living how you want to live.

With these custom projects, you’ll feel the freedom of approaching the world with relaxed confidence in your beautiful individuality.

is this for you?

Answer these prompts, and it will be clear.

(10 questions; 10-20 minutes; doable on a phone, but better on a laptop or desktop.)

Here's My VISION for your wardrobe:

Everything Becomes Simpler.

  • Your mind is freed from the trend cycle of mass retailers. You don’t need to rethink your systems every time a favorite garment wears out, your schedule changes, or your body changes.

  • You have beautiful, comfortable, natural-fiber clothing that you love to wear. It makes getting dressed easy and delightful.

  • Your personal style is a living thing—it will never hold completely still. The pattern we develop can grow and evolve with your needs. And be the starting place for complementary pieces in a capsule wardrobe.

  • You feel SUPER CONFIDENT wherever you go, because you’re dressed as you, just you. That is always the “correct” way to be dressed.

  • You have a foundational pattern that is completely yours. Based on your personality and your values, it's a stylistic home you can return to over and over, for as long as you want.

"These are an absolute dream come true!! The comfort, the detail, the customization, the skill.
I feel seen, I feel heard, I feel me. I can’t wait to explore and romp in these. The only other outfit that feels this good is my birthday suit!"
– Ethan, performer

What we do in this project:

Discover Hidden Needs

We'll talk it out.

It’s nearly impossible to scandalize me, and knowing who you are helps me work better. So be yourself!​​

Let's make sure we're designing something you'll REALLY want to wear every day. 

ER2104-Croquis 1_edited.png

Design and Sketches

I'll create 3 sketches based on what we discover. We can iterate from there. 

During this phase, we'll also create a CUSTOM CROQUIS so you can see your designed modeled on YOU.


I Make Your Pattern

Once we agree on a design you love, I'll guide you through measurement taking.


Then, using your measurements and our design, I'll draft your very own cornerstone pattern.

You Try on Your Mock-Up

I want you to KNOW you'll love it before you decide to buy garments made from your pattern.

Before you project ends, I'll cut your pattern from a stocked fabric of your choice and baste it together with temporary stitches for you to try on, move around in, and get to know.

All Raff Co. Clothing designs use woven, natural-fiber textiles. Read more about the materials I use here.

Custom clothing empowers you to RESIST influences that make you feel bad about how you look, desperate to buy new clothes to fix it, or afraid to go shopping for fear of falling into the same old traps.


Hi, I'm Allegra.

I'll listen to you and transform your ideas, feelings, and desires into wearable designs. Some clients describe this process as "magic."

My own style is sometimes modern/minimalist androgyny with a dose of vintage-y femme, sometimes subtle 19th-20th century working-class style with couture detailing. This is the well I’m drawing from.​

I do the sketching, designing, drafting, and—if you choose to work with me beyond this project—sewing of garments.


I don't replicate other people's designs. If you tell me you want to look "just like [so-and-so],” I will lovingly guide you toward your own look.


(And if you’re absolutely sure you want something unoriginal, let's just be friends!)

"She found beautiful and creative solutions around those problems and provided multiple items that fit me PERFECTLY.

It is hard to even comprehend it's possible, but it is. I have the items I have wanted for years now—custom made for my exact body."
– Abbie, entrepreneur

Next Step:
How to finish (& wear) your custom pieces

At the end of this project, I’ll send you an invitation with pricing to purchase your personal designs, fully finished with couture seams and closures. You can access this link in the future, whenever you like, to purchase more garments from the same pattern. 

Using material I have in stock:

Shirt designs typically range 90-180 to make

Skirt designs typically range 90-180 to make

Dress designs typically range 125-325 to make

Pants designs typically range 175-325 to make

Other styles TBD

Enjoy complimentary repairs and additional adjustment, as needed, for 90 days after delivery of your finished garment(s). All finished pieces include a 3-year Guarantee on workmanship.


Week 1: Discovery Questionnaire; Creation of your unique Custom Croquis

Week 2: Sketches & Design 

Week 3: Measurements, drafting of your personal pattern, and fabric consultation

Week 4: "Quick Sew" of your pattern with temporary stitches send it for you to try on

Project duration can vary. Actual timeline will depend on the scope of the project, my schedule, your participation, and other factors.

I really value my personal time and space. I’ll share mine intentionally, and be respectful of yours.



YES. Custom clothing is a magical world, completely unlike mass-produced clothing. You'll never want to go back.


Who is this for?

People of all shapes, sizes, and identities who value their individuality and want to feel more comfortable in their clothes.

Are there refunds?

No, but I will work with you to make sure you're satisfied.

Can you make anything I want? 

Pretty much. But please note that I only use plant-based woven textiles and other petroleum-free materials.

Oh my gosh. I LOVE THEM ALL! Thank you so much for your thoughtful and beautiful sketches!
– Elena, documentary filmmaker
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