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Demi Custom

Here's a curated selection tested and loved designs. You can add these to your wardrobe in your choice of material, made to fit your body perfectly.

Before or after you place your order, I encourage you to talk with me about any details we can adjust to make the wearing experience resonate with how you move through the world. 

This isn't how you're used to buying clothes.
…And that's a good thing.

I'm here to make sure you have beautiful comfortable clothing that fits your body. Whatever your shape and size, you have that right.

I’m also here to change the culture of clothing.

Made to measure, equitably priced, and biologically regenerative materials are equally crucial features of a sustainable clothing model.

This is for people who have had the realization (like I have) that changing the culture of consumption is important.


Literally, existentially important. 


And in order to change it, we each need to change what we do and what we expect. Demi Custom clothing is meant to be an entry point to participating in a more sustainable and just system of clothing consumption that goes well beyond simply using "organic" fibers and considering the entire system.


Yours in 3 steps

Choose your design

You'll have the chance to add personalizations, like different sleeve styles and hem lengths.

Each design is original, only available here, and made in-house in Champaign, IL.


Measure yourself

I'll guide you through taking a few key measurements to ensure your garment fits you perfectly.


Nervous about getting them right? I'm here to help.


In the Mail

Please allow 2-3 weeks for me to cut, sew, and perfect your garment. I'll let you know when it's on it's way.


I make it easy to send your piece back for adjustments, if needed.


I guarantee the fit, and invite you to send your piece back for adjustments at no additional cost, if somehow it isn't quite right.*

*Please make your adjustment request within 30 days of receiving your order.

elegant work dress1.jpeg

Flowing Silhouette

Customize the Elegant Work Dress.