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Every week, I send a newsletter about
how to dress your values, shut out conventional style wisdom, and ditch fast fashion forever.

Clothes should fit your body.
Not the other way around.

There's a path to confidence and piece-of-mind in your personal style.

It comes from your values. If you're anything like me, those includes justice, sustainability, comfort, honesty, and making the world better. And then thinking deeply on those values, and letting them guide you.

That might sound like a long cut…and it kind of is. But having confident style (just like fulfilling your other values!) is a long game.


Gradually, you'll find yourself with a style strategy that feels so natural, you don't even notice it's a strategy. (That's the kind of strategy I can get behind!)


The best part might be that your style—what you wrap your body in every day—becomes a holistic part of your entire values ecosystem, nurturing and reinforcing everything else you care about. 

I'm a champion of sustainability, stewardship, and simplicity in clothing.


Hi, I'm Allegra.

I used to shop sales and haul fast fashion. I used to throw clothes across the room and scream in rage that nothing fit or looked right.

Doing these things is not a sign that there's anything wrong with your mind, or your body.


It's what we've been taught.

I used to think the next sweater, the next bra would save me; make me whole; make my dream world suddenly appear.

Obviously, that's not how it works.

On the way to accepting this reality, I tried to figure out WHY it doesn't work, and what we can do instead.


I want to share what I learned with you. I don't channel the whims or wisdom of traditional fashion gatekeepers.


I write from my lived experience as a designer, mother, native New Englander living in the midwest, and lifelong pre-industrial technology enthusiast.

Influences on Wednesday Look are historians, psychologists, essayists, podcasters and journalists—mostly currently working and publishing. (I cite, acknowledge, and link whenever possible.)

Come join me!

Let's reduce the omnipresent influence of patriarchal capitalism on our everyday choices—starting with what we wear!

In Wednesday Look, we talk about:

  • UNDERSTANDING WHAT YOU WANT. Fashion Industry messaging is designed to muddle your self-knowledge and self-confidence, so this conversation is worth having. Again and again.


  • HOW YOUR CHOICES FIT INTO THE BIG PICTURE. Because I know that your environmental anxiety and hunger for activism can't be held separate from daily habits like getting dressed.


  • APPLYING THE INSIGHT. Because I know you're sick of capitulating to the limited ready-to-wear options for people with unconventional bodies and unconventional minds…who care about making a better world.

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