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A Parchment document; the illumination

The Color Block Chore Dress

Allegra Raff

Mar 6, 2024

Mother Earth; a shooting star.

A smooth petal; the tantalizing pistil.

A nice big Wall; some choice graffiti.

A page of text; a highlighted line.

Frozen yogurt; your favorite topping.

Those are just a few analogies for a Color Blocked Chore Dress.

Color 1 goes here:

  • Collar

  • Left Sleeve

  • Right Pocket

Color 2 goes here:

  • Right Sleeve

  • Left Pocket

  • Underside of the collar

That's the default arrangement. It looks awesome.

Keep it simple! >> Shop the CLASSIC COLOR BLOCKED Chore Dress

Keep it simple! >> Shop the POPOVER COLOR BLOCKED Chore Dress

WANT TO CUSTOMIZE IT UP? Let's discuss. Email me at to grab a complementary 1:1 chat about what style would work best for you.


I developed it after having my second kid. That stage of life had requirements. The dress was meant to make life easier: big pockets, unrestricted waist, machine washable, breastfeeding access, perhaps most delightful of all—ONE PIECE. Just one thing to put on. Whew! All that, and it has a sort of architectural elegance that snags compliments everywhere I go.

I'm no longer recently postpartum. But it's still one of the hardest working favorites in my wardrobe.

The Chore Dress, as its name suggests, is suitable for doing chores. The household kind, the work kind, the kid-care kind.

It has huge pockets to hold essentials—like you phone and handkerchief—and odds and ends, like cough drops, stickers, pebbles, a pen, and whatever else you can think of. Seriously, it all fits.

To me at that stage, it was also ESSENTIAL that:

  • the waist be unrestrictive (I’ve decided to keep THIS feature central in my daily wardrobe.)

  • It was breastfeeding -friendly (hello, button plackets that extend below the bust line!)

  • And it looks good. Always. Without any special styling efforts (unless I feel like it).

one time a woman in North Carolina's Triangle (a center of innovation) literally approach me while parenting in a Chore Dress to say, “Wow; mom goals!” in reference to what I was wearing.

I've gotten compliments at the airport from stylish travelers in New York.

And you know what? It was easy. It will be for you, too. <3

Softly, Allegra

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