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Raff Co. Clothing is committed to offering the most ecologically friendly products possible.

Featured BOTANICAL Colors

In 2023, Raff Co. Clothing stopped purchasing synthetically dyed materials. 

So obviously, I started botanical dying!

Local and native species of wildlife-friendly plants yield  glorious, one-of-kind results.

Check regularly for changing options.

Please note that the colors may vary due to the nature of the dyestuffs and the natural dying process.

Chemicals used in the dye process include ONLY what are listed, along with tap water and maybe a splosh of white vinegar.

Available Now

Locally Foraged Color from Acorns

I grew up in New England and hated fall.
Here in Central Illinois, somehow it’s glorious.
Plants and animals know the death season is upon us.
It’s poignant and contemplative. It demands acceptance. Winter is coming. Just accept it.
So what does everything do? Go nuts. Literally.
Nuts everywhere.
I made these colors with acorns that just fell out of trees in downtown Champaign.
Let the smell of rain and decay motivate you into a beautiful frenzy: Forget yourself!
Remember the spells.

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un-dyed Linen & Cotton

These are the substrates I use for the Botanically Dyed options above. They're also perfectly lovely for garments, as it!


Linen is one of the most ancient fabrics, made from the stems of the flax plant. Flax is a fast-growing and ecologically gentle crop. The fibers that make up linen are long and hollow, providing excellent insulation in both warm and cool weather. Use linen for pants, shirts, dresses, light jackets, undergarments… almost anything, really. Machine washable (cold) and fast drying.

Cotton is tricky. Aa water and fertilizer intensive crop when grown at scale, it cannot continue to clothe the global population. I stock small quantities of high quality cotton fabrics, woven from 100% USA grown certified organic cotto.  

Conventionally dyed Linen

None of these colors will be restocked. They are lovely, though, and I plan to use them up. "Limited Quantity" means there's enough for a Simple Shirt, but probably not much else. Feel free to ask.

Conventionally dyed organic cotton

These are delightful, though.


Broadcloth is a medium/light-weight plain-woven cloth. This broadcloth is uncommonly soft and luxurious, and very versatile. Easy to care for; a pleasure to wear.