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A curated selection of high-quality woven linens and organic cottons, vetted for versatility, comfort, and easy of care, in-stock for all Made-to-Measure garments.

I'm committed to offering the most ecologically friendly products I can. To this end, I'm no longer re-stocking synthetically dyed materials. Instead, I'm expanding my offering of bleached and un-dyed ("natural") fiber fabrics.

In summer of 2023, I'll begin adding botanically dyed materials. If it's summer and they aren't up yet, feel free to ask! :)


Use linen for pants, shirts, dresses, light jackets, undergarments… almost anything, really. Machine washable (cold) and fast drying.


Linen is one of the most ancient fabrics. It's made from the stems of the flax plant. Flax is a fast-growing and ecologically gentle crop. The fibers that make up linen are long and hollow, providing excellent insulation in both warm and cool weather.


Broadcloth is a medium/light-weight plain-woven cloth. This broadcloth is uncommonly soft and luxurious, and very versatile: this is my go-to cloth for many designs. Easy to care for; a pleasure to wear. Great for blouses, tunics, mild-season skirts and pants, and colder-season undergarments. 100% GOTS-certified Organic Cotton.