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What You Are Not

At some point, you’ve probably wondered which of these shapes best describes you, and even felt a pang of anxiety that you weren't one of the “right” ones. (I know I have.)

For as long as I remember, popular style advice has included finding your “type.” These are some of the most common ones I see. You’ve probably encountered others.

But really, every body is infinitely different—with a beauty, motion, and mystery all its own.

Your body is so much more than a type. And you’re so much more than your body.

I happen to think custom clothing is the most respectful answer to this complexity, but whether you get your clothes off a rack, make your own, or let me make them for you, I hope you won’t tolerate being pigeonholed as some sort of object (along with a whole set of rules about what that object should and shouldn’t do).

You're not a rectangle and you're not a pear. You are not an hourglass. You are also not an apple.

I’ll never call you these things. Please don’t let anyone else make you think of yourself in such reductive terms, either.

(By the way, apples and pears are delicious, blocks are great for building with, and hourglasses are a nice analog way to keep track of time, if you’re into that. Cheers to enjoying all of these things for what they actually are.)

xo Allegra

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