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Organic Cotton Waist Tie for Chore Dresses

Like a defined waist? Get a matching (or contrasting) organic cotton waist tie for your Chore Dress.

Choose length of 60" (for waists 20–30"), 75" (for waists 30–50"), or 90" (for waists 50–70").

Organic Cotton Waist Tie for Chore Dresses


    This medium-light weight 100% organic cotton cloth is versatile and soft.

    Sewn with organic cotton thread. All trims, fixtures, and closures are plastic free.

    Raff Co. Clothing is machine washable.

    To keep your garment looking its best as long as possible:

    • Wash cold using the “delicate” setting (or hand wash, if preferred). 

    • Gently smooth your garment while damp, and hang or lay flat to dry.

    Heat drying breaks down the fibers faster and sets wrinkles into place, and I do not recommend it. That said, if you choose to assume the risks, occasionally drying your Raff Co. garments on a low-heat setting is not likely to render them unwearable.

Demi Custom

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