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Demi Custom Popover Chore Dress

The classic Chore Dress, in a Pop-over style. 

Why choose a partial-placket rather than a full-length placket?

Well, if you prefer to always wear your Chore Dress closed (and like to sit on the floor, like we do) you never need to worry about the lower buttons coming undone.

And let's be honest, it looks cute. 


Tie sold separately.

Demi Custom Popover Chore Dress

  • This garment is custom made to fit your measurements for luxurious comfort and exceptional style. There is no limit on sizing. 

    The dress you could wear every day, even if you aren’t a ‘dress person.’ 

    “I never want to take it off!” is what clients always say when they put on their made-to-measure Chore Dress.

    This flattering garment is built for comfort and use. Large pockets keep precious belongings safe. Buttoned collar lets you define your degree of formality.

    This is designed to be a loose fitting garment, with dropped shoulders and about 4" of extra space on either side of the body (about 8" total ease).

Demi Custom

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